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Island Packet Yachts and Island Packet Sailboats merge the all-embracing building, sailing and design know-how that has made Island Packet Yachts a world leader. Naval architect Bob Johnson, is Island Packet Yachts founder and CEO. The Island Packet 350 combines the immense boatbuilding know-how  … Read More >>>

Islander Yachts and Islander Sailboats were built from 1961 to 1986. During its lifetime, Islander Yachts built many sailboats ranging from 28’ to 40’. The most accepted and largest selling boat Islander built was the 36’ sloop, commonly identified as the I-36. This boat is of  … Read More >>>

J Boats now makes it possible to sail fast with only a friend or two to lend a hand as crew. After all, isn't this how we enjoy our sailing most of the time? It is not often that we have a full crew aboard to hold the boat down or hoist the chute. Being aware of the realities of how we sail, the  … Read More >>>

Jeanneau Sailboats founder, Henri Jeanneau, did not set out to build sailboats in the beginning. Henri had a passion for planes and automobiles. A passion that grew to include powerboats back in 1957 after simply seeing one pass by his window. With his interest piqued, Jeanneau began construction of  … Read More >>>

Jeanneau Yachts Background Information Jeanneau Yachts founder, Henri Jeanneau, had a passion for planes and automobiles. A passion that grew to include powerboats back in 1957 after simply seeing one pass by his window. With his attention now focused on power boats, he began designing and building  … Read More >>>

Since 1982 Jefferson Yachts has set the industry standards for design, engineering, and reliability among discerning buyers of extraordinary yachts. Currently, Jefferson Yachts manufactures a series five pleasantly diverse yachts, Marquessa, Rivanna, Pilothouse, Starship and Marlago Sport Yachts.  … Read More >>>

Jupiter Boats, with over 35 years of boat building experience, has made a commitment to building the finest, most technologically advanced offshore sportfishing boats available on the market today. Each and every Jupiter boat is individually built to the exact specs of the sportsman who demands the  … Read More >>>

Key West Boats: In 1986 Dale Martin and Hutch Holseberg formed a partnership on the foundation of a common dream. That dream was to build a high quality, mid sized fishing boat that was priced right and to do it on their own. After years of long hours and hard work their dream has become a reality  … Read More >>>

Kingcat Yachts SA was founded in 1996 in Olonne-sur-Mer on the Atlantic coast of France, with a new shipyard inaugurated in 1997. Kingcat's objective is to exploit the advantages of multihull construction to develop a mid-size luxury power yacht. The result is a radical design of uncompromising  … Read More >>>

Kadey-Krogen Yachts is one of the oldest builders of long range recreational trawlers in the U.S. Recreational trawlers are deepwater capable yachts closely linked in design to the fishing trawlers of the North Sea. The Kadey-Krogen design originated at the marine architectural and engineering firm  … Read More >>>

Lagoon Catamaran was established in 1984 as a direct extension of Jeanneau's racing division. Currently, Lagoon Catamaran is a part of the Custom Yacht division within the Beneteau Group. Since the launch of the Lagoon 55 back in 1987, Lagoon Catamaran has expanded its offerings and put great  … Read More >>>

Lagoon Sailing Catamarans was developed as an extension of Jeanneau's racing division (Jeanneau Advanced Technologies). Today, Lagoon Catamaran is a holding of the Custom Yacht division of the Beneteau Group, the world's largest recreational boat builder. Since launching the Lagoon 55 in  … Read More >>>

Larson Boats was established way back in 1913 on the shores of the Mississippi River in Minnesota by Paul Larson. Paul embraced the art and detailed craftsmanship of boat construction. The Larson Boat company has always followed a very simple philosophy, that being when "Quality goes in,  … Read More >>>

Laser Sailboats, built by Laser Performance was born when two Canadians, Bruce Kirby and Ian Bruce, met over a couple of drinks in 1969 and discussed some ideas about how they could build the best racing sailboat ever. On a bar napkin they rendered drawings of boats with only one criteria, it had to  … Read More >>>

LDC Sailboats: LDC Sailing are the builders of RS Sailboats. RS Sailboats are designed using the latest developments in construction and rig technology to produce boats that are fun to sail, easy to handle and fast. With a heritage originating from all-out racing classes, RS Sailboats now builds  … Read More >>>

Legacy Yachts have the traditional look and lines of the boats that have cruised the shores of New England for generations. But underneath the waterline and beyond the finish is a new boat that has been built in a whole new way. Each Legacy is hand built to it's owner’s exact  … Read More >>>

Leopard Yachts is an Italian yacht brand created by the Picchiotti family back in the 1970's. The first Leopard yacht built in 1973 was made entirely of wood. It was the first in a long list of wooden Leopard yachts that were built until 1984 when the first composite construction yacht was  … Read More >>>

Lidgard Yachts design excels in the creation of monohull and multihull custom powerboats. They have over 30 years experience within the marine industry on an international level. Lidgard Yacht Design is a complete custom yacht design service offering construction in most mediums as well as a wealth  … Read More >>>

Lidgard Yacht Design are designers of monohull and multihull custom sailboats & powerboats. They have more than 30 years experience within the international marine industry. Lidgard offers a complete custom yacht design service available in most construction mediums as well as fully  … Read More >>>

Little Harbor Yachts was founded by Ted Hood a world famous sail maker who also founded Hood Sail Makers, the largest sail maker in the world during the 60's and 70's. In addition to making sails, Ted was also considered an innovative marine inventor, a talented yacht designer and a even successful  … Read More >>>