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Little Harbor Yachts was founded by Ted Hood who is best known as the founder of Hood Sail Makers, the largest sail maker in the world during the 60's and 70's. Aside from making sails, Ted was also an innovative marine inventor, a yacht designer and a successful racing skipper. Hood's Little Harbor  … Read More >>>

Luhrs Boats history can be traced back to the 1830’s when a a man by the name of Henry Luhrs immigrated to the United States from Germany. Henry almost immediately became involved in the marine trade upon his arrival, supplying ships in New York City. Luhrs eventually owned his own chandlery,  … Read More >>>

M2 Yachts are the result of bringing together the extraordinary professional experiences and disciplines of its founders to form one strong, successful organization. The sole purpose of founding the organization to create state of the art motor yachts. The company founders' shared vision is to  … Read More >>>

MacGregor Sailboats: Each year for the past 35 years one of the various models of either the MacGregor 25 or the MacGregor 26 have been the best selling cruising-type sailboats worldwide. There are many reasons why MacGregor has achieved such market domination. The MacGregor 26 claims to be the  … Read More >>>

Mainship Trawlers built over 1200 of the traditionally styled cruisers before they began building a European inspired line of cruisers in 1988. The new boat line did well for several years, but Mainship's real destiny was to return to the trawlers that made them famous. In 1994, the first new  … Read More >>>

Mainship Yachts history dates back to the 1830’s with a German immigrant by the name of Henry Luhrs. He became involved in the marine trade supplying ships in New York City. He eventually owned his own chandlery and even his own ship, The Sophia R. Luhrs. His grandson, another Henry, shared  … Read More >>>

Mako Boats began designing and building revolutionary fishing boats over 40 years ago. Their boats earned a reputation as the most rugged in the world not long after they were introduced to it. Today, Mako boats that were built 20, 30 and even 40 years ago can be spotted in every port where serious  … Read More >>>

Malibu Boats enjoys industry leading stats, but that doesn't stop them from continuing their quest for perfection. At Malibu, they gauge their success by the level of satisfaction their boat owners enjoy. The experience of owning a Malibu boat is not just about a list of accolades, a good bottom  … Read More >>>

Mangusta Yachts are widely recognized as the benchmark for large open series yachts, allying speed, technology and ease of use. They result from the long collaboration between the Rodiguez Group and the ultra-modern Overmarine Shipyard located in Italy, founded and run by the Balducci family. Today  … Read More >>>

Manta Boats, for the last 30 years, has forged a great reputation for building not only high-end boats but high-performance as well. It holds onto its mission "to build a better boat everyday." Each boat is custom made to your specifications and they don't start building until they are  … Read More >>>

Mariah Boats follows the “more for less” philosophy of building boats by constructing affordable, hand-crafted boats that offer truly outstanding performance, quality and value. Mariah Boats takes pride in expert craftsmanship, wood-free construction and quality hulls that are laminated  … Read More >>>

According to the folks at Maritimo, building one of their yachts is not a job, it’s a passion. These vessels, offer a unique flair due to the Australian lifestyle design. Crafted, designed and built on the Australian Gold Cost they offer unmatched engineering for long range cruising and the  … Read More >>>

Marlago Boats, built by Jefferson Yachts, Inc. offer some of the most technically advanced boating features in the industry today. They boast desirable features such as light weight design, a large raised casting platform, optimum fuel economy, and much, much more! From bow to stern, Marlago Boats  … Read More >>>

Marquis Yachts embodies perfection in the art of yacht building. The company's headquarters and yard are located United States in a region where generations of skilled craftsmen have been building the world's finest yachts and ships since the early 19th century. This rich heritage can be found in  … Read More >>>

Maxum Boats are a line of boats established by the Brunswick Corporation in 1988. In the early 2000's, Maxum was one of the first brands to install bow and stern thrusters on smaller boats. The thrusters were incorporated to help inexperienced boats maneuver the boats more easily. The Maxum line  … Read More >>>

McKinna Yachts' objective is simple yet bold and states that they will not just build yachts, but they will build better yachts. Considering that superiority rules in the basic construction, McKinna uses high-tech composites as their primary construction material. These materials are more expensive  … Read More >>>

Mediterranean Offshore Yachts build luxury performance cruisers.  … Read More >>>

Melges Sailboats are built in Zenda, Wisconsin USA. The company produces racing sailboats that range from 16 feet all the way up to 38 feet. Performance and quality are built into every Melges Sailboat, they are the ultimate in ultra high performance, one-design racing. For over 60 years, Melges  … Read More >>>

Meridian Yachts, established in 2002, grew rapidly to become one of the leading builders of bridge boats in North America. Meridian designs its yachts around the desire for livability, cruisability and maneuverability and they deliver it all at an exceptional price. Meridian offers a line of Sedan,  … Read More >>>

MJM Yachts: In the summer of 2002, Bob Johnstone had ample time on his hands to address the age-old idea of creating the ultimate power boat. Bob had already owned a boat company and a boat and wasn't interested in the prospect of owning either again. Unless a design could be created that was more  … Read More >>>