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Sabre Yachts are a well established name in the yacht industry with a history that runs over 30 years deep. Currently, Sabreline builds five yacht models that range from 34 to 47 feet in length under the Sabreline name. Sabreline yachts are sold worldwide, through a network of dealers who are chosen  … Read More >>>

Saga Sailboats: Saga Yachts was originally established in Canada in 1995. They opened their doors with an original boat design aimed at serious cruising sailors and experienced shorthanded cruising couples. The first Saga 43 designed by Robert H. Perry was based on many lessons learned while sailing  … Read More >>>

The versatility of the Sailfish fishing boat line-up consists of the following models, the center consoles, walk arounds and bay boats. These fishing boats continue to offer the best value among the top echelon competitors. The Variable Degree Stepped (VDS) hull and Intelligent Ergonomic Design are  … Read More >>>

Santa Cruz Sailboats has a 35 year history of designing and building high performance, high quality sailing yachts. It all started in 1971 when Bill Lee, a legend in the art of design, founded Santa Cruz Yachts. Throughout the 70's several noteworthy Santa Cruz sailboats were launched and  … Read More >>>

Sapphire Yachts has earned a reputation in the industry for quality and imaginative design. They have freshened the yacht and cruising vessel market with a combination of European design and Italian engineering that has resulted in an extraordinary blend of taste, style and beauty. Since the  … Read More >>>

The increasing popularity of Jet boats is due to their many attractive features and Scarab Jet Boats seem to have encompassed them all! A big attraction for parents is that a quick look below the waterline shows the absence of spinning propellers, an appreciated safety factor. Additionally these  … Read More >>>

Scout Boats was established, in 1989, by Steve Pitts, a South Carolina resident. Steve is a man that continues to have a presence on the shop floor daily working with the folks that build his companies boats. Scout has continually grown from its first 14’ design to an ever expanding product  … Read More >>>

Sea Hunt Boat Company was founded in 1995 when the company began building center console fishing boats in a small plant on the outskirts of Columbia, South Carolina. As demand for their product increased, it necessitated an expansion of their facilities. 2004 found the little boat company that  … Read More >>>

SeaRanger Boats is a small team of highly dedicated boat builders who are committed to the highest standards. For over 20 years SeaRanger has worked with some of the most discerning clients worldwide. Their Atlantic motor yacht models have earned a reputation for superior quality, safety and value  … Read More >>>

Each and every Sea Ray boat is a direct reflection of their commitment to precision, innovation and craftsmanship. Roomy cockpits flow effortlessly into carefully designed cabins. All of the designs, details and materials used are thoroughly tested and approved by the most dedicated group of marine  … Read More >>>

Sealine Yachts offer boating aficionados the feeling of unsurpassed excellence on the water. Neither the port your from or your destination will make a difference, your Sealine Yacht is constantly at the heart of your voyage. This vessel is your chosen place and no one can induce you to leave. This  … Read More >>>

In the 1970’s Harry Farmer founded Seaway Boats. Seaway built a substantial dealer network and their downeast-style boats were distributed up and down the East Coast. The company took a break thru most of the 90’s and reemerged in 2001 working out of a brand new facility in Oxford,  … Read More >>>

Senator Boats have been proven and are well trusted by boaters throughout New Zealand. They have gained recognition for their stability, superior load carrying capacity, ample storage and great affordability. Senator Boats offer the reassuring safety of a unique aluminum pontoon design as well as a  … Read More >>>

Shamrock Boats have set the standard of excellence in the mid-size sport fishing boat industry for over thirty years. They have made a name for themselves as the largest producer of midsize inboard sport fishing boats and their industry leading developments such as the Keel Drive system for midsize  … Read More >>>

Walter Shulz moved to Rhode Island in 1975 and began work on his original 38' sailboat design. That 38' boat would be the beginning of what is known today as Shannon Yachts. Walt's intention from the start was to design and build offshore yachts that held up to the highest standards of quality.  … Read More >>>

Shannon Yachts has earned an international reputation for building the world’s finest semi-custom yachts. This stellar reputation is based on their ability to bring together the myriad of details necessary to create an exceptional yacht. Each Shannon is a unique, personalized vessel, however  … Read More >>>

Silverton Yachts are built by Silverton Marine, a company that was started on a very frigid December day back in 1969, by John and Warren Luhrs. In the nearly 50 years that have passed since then, Silverton yachts have become prized throughout the world. The company takes great pride in it's ability  … Read More >>>

Skipjack Boats have been known by serious West Coast sport fishermen as rugged, well built and reliable for over 30 years. Skipjack Boats was founded back in 1966 by a man named Jack Cole and since then over 4000 of them have been sold from Mexico to Alaska. Skipjack has been recognized as one of  … Read More >>>

The Smoker Craft Boat legacy began with a family's passion for boats and the water. The first manifestaton of that passion was launched back in 1961. It was the beginning of a tradition that, three generations later, is still alive and well. Smoker Craft boats are built with a quality that can only  … Read More >>>

Southport Boats were developed as a result of a group effort put forth by C. Raymond Hunt and a team of talented boat builder, die-hard fisherman and offshore racers. The result was a revolutionary boat design that maximized the power and performance available from modern outboards. The first of  … Read More >>>