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In 1986, Glacier Bay Catamarans began the process of engineering highspeed displacement catamaran hull shapes. The development process included construction of a series of 1/8 scale models with a variation of shapes to determine the best new hull shape that could run at high speeds without planing.  … Read More >>>

Glasstream Boats has been manufacturing fishing and pleasure boats for over 25 years. Founded by A.L. Kirkland, Glasstream currently resides in Panama City, Florida in a 25,000 square foot facility where they manufacture a line of fishing and pleasure boats ranging from 17 to 36 feet. Each model in  … Read More >>>

Grady-White Boats was founded in 1958 by Glen Grady and Don White with the goal of building recreational fishing boats. The original Grady-White designs were handcrafted in the old Carolina tradition featuring wide beams, flared bows, and wooden hulls. They earned their reputation for exceptional  … Read More >>>

Grand Banks Yachts and Grand Banks Trawlers began in the mid-sixties with the introduction of the salty looking and very seaworthy Spray. This workboat-inspired design featured a semi-displacement hull and was the origin for the ever-popular Grand Banks 36 Yacht. Since that time, Grand Banks Yachts  … Read More >>>

Click Here for Gulfstar Sailboats Gulfstar Yachts began building their yachts in 1971 in St. Petersburg, FL. Founder, Vincent Lazzara, had sold his share in Columbia yachts two years prior and as part of that deal, he also signed a two-year no compete contract. Lazzara had already attained legendary  … Read More >>>

Gulfstar Sailboats were introduced in 1971 in St. Petersburg, FL. The company manufactured a line of attractively priced and popular motorsailers. Gulfstar Yachts was one of the few firms to ever build both sail and powerboats, the Gulfstar line expanded dramatically over the years, and the company  … Read More >>>

Hallberg-Rassy Yachts understands that in these modern times boat building has not been spared cost cutting series construction or mass fabrication. History teaches us that the Hallberg-Rassy yard existed in the days when boat building meant wood construction and individually built boats. In view  … Read More >>>

Hampton Yacht Company began building yachts in 1992 and made history from the beginning as one of the first companies from Taiwan to build yachts in China. Hampton Yacht Chairman, Jeff Chen, has over twenty years of experience in the industry and comes from a family with a 40 year history of  … Read More >>>

Hans Christian Yachts are beautifully appealing small sailing yachts that have come to be recognized as one of the true classics available on today's market. They are built by Pantawee Marine which is a boat building company that was established in 1986 by New Zealand boat builder Jack Hall and his  … Read More >>>

Hanse offers production yachts built like a tailor-made suit, this makes purchasing a sailing yacht easy. Hanse allows you to configure your yacht online in an easy, straightforward way. Your customized Hanse Yacht can fulfill your necessities, demands and dreams down the smallest element. Create  … Read More >>>

Pete and Ernie Harris, brothers, originally established their manufacturing business, Harris Manufacturing, in the 1940's. In 1957, Harris FloteBote was born and has fostered excellence in its products ever since. It is not by chance that Harris has established a lead position in pontoon boat  … Read More >>>

Hatteras Yachts, a Brunswick company, is recognized as a world leader in the design, engineering and construction of luxury fiberglass yachts. Their New Bern, North Carolina facility is situated on the Neuse River, approximately thirty miles from the Atlantic Ocean. This modern yacht construction  … Read More >>>

Hinckley Sailboats and Hinckley Yachts deserve a moment of your time to learn about them. Since 1932 the Hinckley Company has created some of the world's most elegant and successful sailboats and sailing yachts. The company states that their responsibility to anyone who commissions a Hinckley  … Read More >>>

Since 1932, Hinckley Yachts has crafted a substantial number of the world's most stunning and successful yachts. Hinckley expresses their obligation to those who commission Hinckley Yachts that their commitment continues far beyond the many months it takes to construct her. The success of their  … Read More >>>

Hobie Cats revolutionized the sailing world with their sailing catamarans. Hobie wanted to design a boat that easily be launched into the surf from the beach, sailed, and brought back through the surf. It was this 14-foot, single-handed fiberglass catamaran that changed the course of sailing  … Read More >>>

Horizon Yachts was founded in 1987 by John Lu, a man with a passion for boats and a love for the ocean that started in his early childhood. Lu gained experience in the yacht industry after graduating with a naval architecture degree. His ultimate goal was to build ultimate dream yachts for clients  … Read More >>>

Today, Hunter Sailboats are an integral part of the Luhrs Marine Group. The Luhrs Marine Group includes Silverton Marine Corporation, builders of family cruisers, Mainship Trawlers, and the Luhrs Corporation, known for their outstanding sportfishing boats. All four of these companies share  … Read More >>>

Brett Flanagan and Peter Hill of Integrity Boats have been in the industry for over 22 years. Together, they believe the key to making boating not only more enjoyable, but more affordable as well, is in the new line of Integrity cruisers. Built specifically with the Australian market in mind,  … Read More >>>

Irwin Sailboats are unfortunately no longer being built. The company built more than six thousand sailboats and it is quite possible that virtually all of them are still being enjoyed. Ted Irwin created this line of yachts using classic sailboat characteristics. These Irwin designs are appreciated  … Read More >>>

Island Gypsy Yachts and Island Gypsy Trawlers are top quality ocean going trawlers that are designed for serious boating, coastal cruising or live aboard use. Island Gypsy has built a solid reputation for quality and unique design. Their hulls are designed with rough seas, long range cruising and  … Read More >>>