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Privilege Catamarans beginnings coincide with the founding of Philippe Jeantot's shipyard back in 1985. Jeantot was a two-time world champion in a single-handed race around the world. By 1989, his shipyard had become the number one builder of cruising catamarans in Europe, known for their expert  … Read More >>>

Pro Sports Catamarans was once the nation's largest power catamaran salt-water fishing boat manufacturer. The company was originally formed in 1994 in Tennessee and subsequently relocated to Lincoln, Alabama in 1997. Mike Robinson, the President and CEO of Pro Sports had a vision to provide the  … Read More >>>

Profile Boats: For over twenty years Profile Boats were painstakingly handcrafted in one of the most unlikely places on earth: Sumner Iowa. Profile's offshore performance boats have been created one at a time on a completely custom basis for discerning clients since 1982. Profile Boats has since  … Read More >>>

Prokat Boats are built for fishing with stability as their first priority. The fact that the boats are catamarans addresses the stability issue immediately, however there is more to the hull than just a "catamaran" tag. The design of the hull allows a controlled flow of air between the  … Read More >>>

Prout Power Catamarans have become a legend in the boat building industry based on the first rate quality of their catamarans construction, fit and finish. This legendary quality shows not only from the first day, but it carries through the entire lifespan of a Prout Catamaran. Prout builds and  … Read More >>>

Prout Sailing Catamarans have earned a legendary status in the boat building industry based on their first rate quality. This astounding quality shows not only from day one, it carries through the entire lifetime of a Prout Catamaran. Through their factories in the Far East, Prout builds and  … Read More >>>

8/22/2018 - Malibu Boats, Inc. has entered an agreement with S2 Yachts, Inc. to acquire the assets of Pursuit Boats for $100 million. The transaction is expected to occur in the fourth calendar quarter of 2018. Pursuit Boats: the history of Pursuit Boats dates back to 1946, when founder Leon  … Read More >>>

Queenship Yachts represents an astonishing level of accomplishment in the design and construction of superior motor yachts. The vessels they launch possess a heritage spanning a full variety of yachts, from elegantly finished semi-custom cruisers and custom mega-yachts to world class sport fishing  … Read More >>>

Rampage Boats were originally designed and built for offshore fishing. The rugged waters off the coast of New England served as their proving grounds and helped them earn their well-deserved reputation for seaworthiness and versatility. The Rampage Boats of today still possess those important  … Read More >>>

Regal Boats is nearing it's 4th decade as a successful, family owned business. It is now being run by the second generation of Kucks who still maintain the original philosophy of the founding generation, be honest and what's right. The founder of Regal, Paul Kuck spent eight years sharpening his  … Read More >>>

Regulator Boats are born and bred in North Carolina where they have been endlessly tested in the challenging waters of the Outer Banks. Their line of sport fishing boats which range from 23 to 34 feet are designed to meet the discriminating needs of serious anglers. Regulator boats have been the  … Read More >>>

Release Boatworks, builder of Release Fishing Boats, believes that perfection in a sportfishing boat is a combination of stunning craftsmanship, speed, stability in nasty seas and a family friendly layout followed by a massive cockpit. The process of designing at Release Boatworks is initiated by a  … Read More >>>

Rhodes Sailboats are the namesake of legendary designer Philip Rhodes. Rhodes career in sailboat design spanned more than 50 years and produced models ranging from 7' dinghies to luxurious 123' motor sailers as well as commercial craft. Rhodes designs were sought after by some of the biggest names  … Read More >>>

Rinker Boats builds multi-award winning pleasure boats, cabin cruisers, cuddy cabins, runabouts and ski boats. Over the years, they have become known in the industry for their quality boats at affordable prices. Rinker boats are manufactured by Nautic Global Group, the fourth largest boat  … Read More >>>

The Riva Boats legacy began back in 1842 after a sudden storm ripped through a fishing village on Lake d'Iseo leaving boats badly damaged and fisherman with no means of survival. A young carpenter who had just arrived in the area earned himself great admiration among the people as he went about  … Read More >>>

Riviera Boats has earned the recognition of being a major player in the global marine industry. Based in Australia, and exported world wide, Riviera boats are known for their luxury, quality and versatility. The Riviera line of boats ranges from 36 to 85 feet and include Flybridge yachts, sport  … Read More >>>

Robalo Boats rich history dates back to 1968 with their first 19 foot fishing boat and the establishment of their reputation for endurance, innovation and quality. Although throughout the years the brand has been owned by AMF, Cobia and Brunswick, it was Chaparral's acquisition in 2001 that  … Read More >>>

Robertson & Caine Yachts, builders of world class catamarans, was founded in 1991 by two men with over 30 years of boat building experience behind them and an impressive 800 boats launched. Located near Cape Town, South Africa, Robertson & Caine has grown to become the largest boat-builder  … Read More >>>

Ruby Yachts builds custom passagemakers, expedition yachts and motoryachts to satisfy your dreams. Ruby Yachts pride themselves on being a privately owned company with no dealer network. Customers can take advantage of working directly with the builder and work closely with them while designing  … Read More >>>

Sabre Sailboats: Sabre Yachts Corporation has been designing and building Sabre Sailboats for over 30 years. Sabre currently builds four sailboat models from 36 to 45 feet in length, the Sabre Spirit, 386, 426 and 456. Sabre sailboats are medium displacement, performance cruising yachts. They  … Read More >>>