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Privilege Catamarans beginnings coincide with the founding of Philippe Jeantot's shipyard back in 1985. Jeantot was a two-time world champion in a single-handed race around the world. By 1989, his shipyard had become the number one builder of cruising catamarans in Europe, known for their expert combination of racing performance and cruising comfort.

The quality and innovative design of the Privilege catamarans did not go unnoticed in the marine industry. In 1991, the shipyard earned the 20th International Trophy for Quality, and in 1995 the Privilege 45 was voted Boat of the Year in the United States. The following year they proved to the industry that it was not just a fluke with another award for Boat of the Year in the States, this time with the Privilege 42.

Privilege Catamarans The Jeantot marine shipyard was purchased by SGGR Group in 1996 and renamed Alliaura Marine. Since then, the Privilege range has been extensively developed and now includes over 800 Privileges, 60 of which are over 60 feet in length.

Privilege Catamarans offer the exceptional harmony of shape and space along with the specific charm of bluewater cruising catamarans that are designed for comfort, performance and safety.

Since they were created, FEELING, PRIVILEGE, TRANSCAT and TRESCO LINE have become benchmarks in their category. The success of their brands of sail or motor-powered single-hull drop-keels, quillards and catamarans is built on the experience and skill of Alliaura Marine.

Privilege Catamarans, from 32 to 74 feet long, can be found on all the world's oceans, symbolizing and alliance of reliability, comfort and performance.

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Privilege Catamarans Corporate Contact Information
Alliaura Marine Group
Boulevard de L'Ile Vertime BP 231
Les Sables D'Olonne Cedex , France  85106
+33 (0)251210538
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