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Hargrave Yacht owners tell us that our dedicated Hargrave support team is the best they have ever experienced at taking care of their needs. That is reflected in the fact that we enjoy the highest reorder rate in our market segment.

Hargrave Yachts is a family owned business and with that as our base every individual at Hargrave knows how hard you have worked to reach your level of success therefore we are laser focused on solving every problem you encounter on the water but we strive to anticipate and avoiding them whenever possible.

If you are new to yachting you probably don’t know that your happiness, satisfaction, and your continued enjoyment have almost nothing to do with what boat you purchase. The honest truth is it all depends on what happens after you let go of the money.  Every builder promises and promotes great service support, but you will only that kind of personalized support from the Hargrave family. With Hargrave Yachts your solution is never more than a phone call away.

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