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Westsail was founded in Costa Mesa, California in early 1971 for the sole purpose of designing and building a sailboat had the ability to cruise anywhere in the world no matter the wind and sea conditions. Each boat was built on a per-order basis and included whatever the client desired. They were never meant to be stocked by dealerships.

In the interest of maintaining perfect quality and design control, the Westsail 32 was the only boat built by the company. By 1976, there were only four different models being offered, two of which shared the same hull. The Westsail 32 was still wildly popular, followed closely by the Westsail 42. In order to maintain the quality and integrity of each and every boat that left the facility, Westsail increased it's quality control and customer service oriented staff to guarantee the original rugged quality of the boats would not suffer as production numbers grew.

To better serve their clients on the east coast, Westsail opened a yard in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina in 1974. The yard included a waterfront location where each boat could be launched, commissioned and given sea trials before leaving the facility. Located half way between new York City and Miami, the Westsail 32's that were built there were able to be delivered to east coast clients on their own bottoms either by a pilot or by the owners themselves.

Despite it's early good fortune, Westsail fell victim to the times and filed for bankruptcy in 1977. At that time, the plant manager, Hans Weerman, purchased the company and operated it under the name Westsail International until 1979 when all operations ceased.

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