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Pearson Sailboats has a reputation built on innovative thinking and building boats of superior performance and remarkable value. Recently, the company has been re-launched as Pearson® Yachts a division of TPI Composites, one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced composites for the marine, transportation and industrial industries.

TPI Composites is known for its exclusive SCRIMP® resin infusion technology, a technique used in manufacturing that results in designs that are not only lighter but also stronger than those made with conventional fiberglass.

When Everett Pearson re-acquired the trademarked Pearson name, he did not purchase the molds. In his opinion, they were too old. With a long history in the industry and the experience that goes along with having built more than 15,000 power and sailing vessels over the years, the Pearsons saw a need to once again focus on value, functionality and simplicity.

Pearson Sailboats Taking advantage of advanced technology is good for business as long as improved performance and a more enjoyable boating experience remains the ultimate goal. More often than not over-zealous builders add feature after feature, gadget after gadget, and pound after pound only to end up with gas-guzzling, high-dollar, problem-ridden vessels that eventually take all the fun out of boating.

Pearson Yachts has re-established its unwavering position of offering boats that are fun and enjoyable. Pearson boats have always been economical, efficient, strong and seaworthy. These are the defining characteristics of all boats bearing the legendary Pearson name and fortunately, some things will never change.

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