Eagle Yachts, Inc. offers a unique plan for you to experience the joy of sailing! test

Come aboard the 36' s.v. EAGLE located at Adventure Yacht Harbor just south of  Daytona Beach and near Ponce Inlet, Florida and see what sailing is all about!

You and up to five of your friends can sail for the same price!

The 2016 rate for the boat with a captain is $85/hour with a minimum of two hours for a trip in the river.  Because Eagle is located close to Ponce Inlet, three hours is usually enough time to have a short sail in the open ocean.

The probabilities for seeing pelagic birds, shore birds and porpoises are good most of the time. Occasionally manatees, manta rays, ospreys, frigate birds and eagles are sighted, too. 

Since this area is a Right Whale sanctuary and calving ground, on very rare occasions in that period of time between November and April, these too can be seen.

Appointments are necessary.

This is a participatory activity and, even if you have never been aboard any kind of boat in your life, by the time you return, you will have sailed this boat.  I have had sailors as young as 3 years old actually help sail the boat and recently, a 90 year old man chartered the boat for an ocean adventure of 5 hours, so you don't have to be in great shape, nor do you have to have any prior experience to enjoy a few hours of on the water, enjoying the rewards of learning about sailing.  Recently, a client bought a 2-hour gift certificate which she donated to a fund raiser for a charity and a lady in her 80's purchased it.  She invited several of her octagenarian friends to come with her and they had such fun that they made an appointment to go for a 3-hour trip into the ocean later this year!

You can contact Captain Eric West at (386) 295-2578 or at eagleyachts@gmail.com for an appointment or further information.

To see what else there is to do in Daytona Beach, go to  http//www.daytonabeachcvb.org

and for New Smyrna Beach, go to http//www.nsbinfo@nsbfla.com

(Shoes are required.  No flip-flops", bare feet or other unsafe footware permitted.  Since everyone is an operator of this vessel, smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.)