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Boat Knots for Pleasure and Fishing Boats

While there are hundreds of types of boating knots, most fishermen only need to learn a handful of the commonly used knots. A knot such as the uni knot, is very strong and simple to tie. The uni is also great for connecting line to snaps, lures, and swivels. The blood knot will simply connect two pieces of line, while the Albright knot, or bimini twist, works best for joining lines of different diameters. Learning about these common types of boat and fishing knots, as well as other popular knots, can make your fishing trips more successful.

Boating Knots

Anchor bend - A knot used for attaching a ring or similar boating gadget to a rope.
Blackwall hitch - A simple, temporary, hitch used for attaching a line to a hook.
Bowline - An ancient knot used to create a fixed loop to the end of a rope.
Bull hitch - A boating knot, also called a ring hatch, which can be tied to a post.
Buntline hitch - A knot formed by looping the rope that is used to attach an object to a rope.
Butterfly loop - Also known as the Alpine Butterfly Knot, is a non-jamming loop which can be tied with two fixed ends.
Carrick Bend - A knot used to join the ends of two large hawsers or ropes.
Cat's Paw - A knot used for the connection of an object to a rope.
Cleat hitch - The method of securing a line to a deck cleat.
Clove hitch - A knot used to fasten a line to a spar or post.
Clove slip hitch - Adjustable knots used for temporary uses, such as mooring.
Figure eight knot - Also called a Listing's knot, is a knot that consists of a crossing number of four.
Half hitch - Knot used to fasten a rope, usually double tied, temporarily to an object.
Midshipman's hitch - Adjustable loop knot that are used for tension lines.
Monkey fist - Type of knot tied to the end of a rope to use as a weight.
Mooring hitch - Boating knot that holds up strong but pulls apart easily with the use of a tag end.
Pile hitch - Knot used for attaching a rope to a structure, such as a pole.
Rolling hitch - Hitch used for the joining of a line to another rope or spar.
Sheepshank - Unstable knot used to create slack or shorten a line.
Sheet bend (Becket bend) - Hitch knot used to temporarily fasten a rope to an eye or to the middle of another rope.
Square knot (Reef) - Double knot formed from two half hitches and used to connect the ends of two cords.
Timber hitch - Hitch knot used to secure a rope, usually supplemented by a half hitch, to a spar or log.

Fishing Knots

Albright knot - Angling knot used to tie two lines of different diameters.
Angler's loop - Type of knot typically used for slippery or fine lines to form a fixed loop.
Arbor knot - Fisher's knot used to attach a line to the fishing reel's arbor.
Blood knot - Also known as the Barrel Knot, the blood knot is formed by wrapping the ends of two leaders several times.
Blood dropper loop - A knot used to tie on the bight, creating a loop.
Crawford - Versatile fishing knot used for securing various types of swivels, hooks, or lures to a line.
Improved Clinch knot - Clinch knot used for securing a line to a fishing lure, swivel, artificial fly or clip.
Jansik special - Strong fly fishing knot used to attach the fly to the tippet.
Locking loops - Loop knot used to grip the line without damaging it.
Non slip mono - Strong loop knot used to allow the fly or lure to become more active during retrieval.
Offshore knot - Knot used to make a reinforced loop within a leader.
Palomar knot - Simple knot used to attach a line to a fly, leader, tippet, or hook.
Rapala knot - Non-slip loop knot used directly upon a lure.
Ring knot - Water knot used to attach two ends of webbing together.
Scaffold knot - Primarily used for tying line to a hook.
Sliding eight knot - Adjustable knot used for stopping purposes.
Snelling - Hitch knot used to join a fishing line to an eyed fishing hook.
Surgeon's loop - Double strand loop used for making simple, strong loops for the ends of leaders and lines.
Trilene knot - Multi-purpose knot used for attaching monofilament line to swivels, hooks, and lures.
True lovers knot - Name given to a variety of distinct knots that have an association of love and friendship.
Turtle knot - A knot used for tying a fly or hook to a leader.
Uni knot - Multi-purpose knot used for attaching a line to the reel arbor, lures, swivels, and snaps, as well as for joining lines.
Water bowline - Type of knot used in wet conditions as it's designed not to jam or slip.