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Guide to Famous Pirate Ships

Avast ye! In simple English "stop and check this out"! The real pirates of history weren't glamorized rock stars. They were bloody robbers and murders. In most movies they are portrayed as such but romantically disillusioned. For instance, in all history there is no evidence of pirates having to walk the plank. Walking the plank is not heinous enough. Instead pirates would just give the person a "heave to" by picking them up and throwing them over board while being tied to a rope connected underneath the ship.

A pirate isn't a pirate without a ship. They could modify their ship without the permission of an owner or Admiralty. This allowed for changes that were more efficient in battle. The most used ships in the Golden Age of Piracy were the Spanish Galleon and sloop. The galleon was fast and sleek while the sloop was one of the smallest of the pirate ships, but was a "clipper", a fast sailing ship. Pirate ships had to be sturdy and spacious for all the pillaging. Thar be pirates to this day.

Here is some information on some of the most notorious pirate ships in history:

Queen Anne's Revenge

The Queen Anne's Revenge has had many names before it became the infamous Blackbeard's ship. The Ship originally launched in 1710 as Concord then 1711 as La Concord. Blackbeard captured the ship in 1717 and it officially became The Queen Anne's Revenge. Blackbeard attacked British, Portuguese and Dutch ships all across the Africa and the Caribbean. The most notorious battle for Queen Anne's Revenge was the blockade of Charleston in 1718.