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Alerion Express Information

The Alerion Express experience is all about pure sailing pleasure - what is referred to as Alerion Sailing - the thrill of a fast, responsive yacht that looks terrific, handles like a dream and doesn't require a large or experienced crew. Alerion Sailing means sailing on your terms and at times that best suit your mood, your schedule, and the weather.

The name "Alerion" (which literally means Heraldic Eagle) first gained nautical prominence back in 1912, when Nathaniel Herreshoff designed a 26' sloop for his personal use - and called it "Alerion". The timeless appeal of this design has spawned a myriad of imitations but rather than attempting a warmed-over re-creation of an old classic, Alerion Express yachts retain the traditional look topside, but are completely modern in rig, underbody and construction detail.

Alerion Express SailboatThe result is a nimble sailboat that aesthetically recalls the past, but embraces modern performance. The admiration this Alerion Express sailboats draw at the dock is doubled by the respect they create under sail. They are very fast and maneuverable sailboats, which can turn in their own length and are so well balanced they require only the lightest touch on the tiller.

Classic lines and proportions together with modern underbodies have been incorporated into all the sailing yachts in the Alerion Express fleet.


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Alerion Express
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