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Celebrating Thanksgivukkah on a Boat

Celebrating Thanksgivukkah

The Right Location

If you live in the north, Thanksgivukkah on a boat may not be an option due to the cold weather. If you're looking at very cold temperatures in some areas, it might actually have started icing over on the lake. Other areas may be too windy for you to enjoy a nice day outdoors. Of course, if you have the money, you can always look for a boat for sale that offers a large interior cabin to spend the day in.

What Food Should you Take?

When dining at home, obviously you could do a huge Thanksgivukkah meal with turkey and many other traditional foods from both holidays, but it's a little more difficult on a boat. If you don't have any sort of kitchen on your boat, you may end up with turkey sandwiches. However, if your boat does have a kitchen, you've got many more options. While the oven may be fairly small, it should be large enough for you to fit a roast chicken in it. You might even be able to fit a small turkey in there. You could also take a slow cooker to make a chicken in. For sides, you can make some simple foods like mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, and salad. You may be able to prepare some dishes ahead of time at home and simply warm them up in your smaller kitchen.

Don't Leave Out Hanukkah

Obviously, if you're out on a boat at Thanksgivukkah, you have to celebrate both holidays. Be sure to bring along a menorah to light at sundown, and you can let your children play with a dreidel on the deck.

Other Activities

There are many other things you can do to celebrate Thanksgivukkah on your boat. You can watch the Thanksgiving Day parade, fish, go swimming (if the water is warm enough), or spend time visiting with your friends and family.

The Best Boat

Finding the best used boat for sale for celebrating any holiday isn't too difficult. You'll want one with a good amount of space to eat, and you'll need a nice sized kitchen. If you won't have a lot of people there, a small boat will do. If you'll have your entire family over, you might need to look at a few boat shows for something a little bit larger.