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92' AllSeas Luxury Expedition Yach 92 Trawlers

Location: Ft Lauderdale FL United States
Listing Number: M-6208610
Price: $ 7,495,000   
Max. 7.17'
Edwards Yacht Sales
510 Brookside Drive
Clearwater, FL 33764

USA built steel expedition yacht for sale as a world explorer or as a USA Charter vessel. This yacht is documented in the USA and does not require an offshore delivery.

"Heaven's Gate" won the peoples choice award at the 2010 San Diego Yacht Show.  Since then she has traveled thousands of miles in unprotected waters. She just finished traveling from La Paz through the Panama Canal and then on to Florida. She was built to exceed ABS Commercial Structural Standards and also has an interior water tight door added to pass a damage stability test. Heavens Gate has been inclined tested and certified by Naval Architect Bruce Culver to carry 10,000 pounds of toys on the Boat Deck. She has a commercial tough exterior with large beautiful stainless double and triple railing systems and a minimum of exterior wood for easy maintenance.

This is a "whale-back" design which means no open forward decks to fill with green water when the seas get really bad. She has weathered many storms and hurricanes and she never makes you feel unsafe. She has a 25 foot beam with a hard chine allowing her to operate for 2 years before even turning on the stabilizers.

Heaven's Gate is a true Long Range Expedition Yacht made to take its' owner, family and guests to the ends of the earth in comfort.


Here are just a few of the design features that make the 92' Allseas the fantastic yacht that it is:

* PLC stand-alone computer modules all troughout the vessel that are accessed via each PLC's unique web page (IP address). Attachd to the Fire System, HVAC system, Bilge alarms, Tanks, Engines and generators, Dock Water Pressure, and other systems. Can be accessed, viewed, and, in some cases, accessed, via any smartphone, tablet, or computer while onboard the vessel.

* Systems Monitoring and Control System (SMACS) ââ?¬â?? Custom designed proprietary system by AllSeas Yachts

*$1,000,000 paint job - hand finished so that the hull looks like the finish of a fiberglass hull. Paint used was Allcraft 2000 Polyurethane. To redo the paint all that is needed is wet sanding, starting with 600 grit and graduating to 1200 grit wet sand paper. That�s is to redo the paint finish!

* 19" Bow and Stern thrusters w/ steel guards for protection from underwater logs, etc.

* All interior walls are Non-bearing walls that can be reconfiguring to modify the layout.

* Forward facing pilot house windows designed to survive 80' waves.

* Small forward deck volume avoids instability when filled by large waves 

* Tender deck capable of storing two 20' + tenders. Larger tenders can be accommodated by removing aft rails.

* 10,000 lb extendable crane w/ full 360 rotation - can load and unload from either side or stern.

* Rudders are designed to be able to be removed via the onboard crane.

* Bow and stern 180 Ton hydraulic "fisherman's" anchor winch - NOT capstain and chain locker that lead to chain jams. 350 pound anchor hooked to 90 feet of 7/8" galvanized chain followed by 200 feet of 1/2 inch high tensile chain followed by 300 feet of steel cable. This can only be done on a is faster and safer than a capstan. With the long scope and the heavy chain hooked to the anchor you will hold fast even in the worst conditions.

* Engines "floats" on vibration-eliminating mounts and are connected to shafts via isolation joints - virtually eliminating vibration and noise for the engines.

* Shafts connected via break-away shear pins - prevents propeller, transmission, and shaft damage.

* Shaft lock-arms for fast shaft shear pin changes.

* AC closed-keel cooling system.

* Stabilizer forward "fins" designed to support the weight of the boat.

* 12" x 12" x 1 1/4" steel I-beam keel designed to support the weight of the boat.

* Skaggs under our propellers, 2 1/2" solid steel that protects the props and supports the rudders.

* 58" propellers rotate at low speeds - give the vessel 15gph running both engines and a generator.

* Hull are built to exceed commercial class ABS ratings....Can easily plow through light ice conditions with their 1 inch thick stem piece and 3/8 thick steel bottoms.

* Framing is 48" centered frames with longitudinal every 12 inches (12"!!).....just like the fishing boats the builder has built (43 boats to date). 

* The pilot house and rigging are all aluminum to keep the center of gravity low on the vessel. 

* Hull materials: ASTM A-36 Mild Steel (3/8ââ?¬ï¿½ bottom, 5/16ââ?¬ï¿½ hull sides, 1/4ââ?¬ï¿½ bulwarks and saloon sides) 

* Pilot House & Fly bridge material: Aluminum 5086-h116 

* Keel material:Steel I-Beam, 110lbs/foot

* Exhaust: Centex water drop mufflers

* Air Intake to Engine Room: Delta "T" Systems

* Engine Controls: ZF 3 System Micro Commander Electronic

* Reduction Gear: ZF-650 deep case 4.057:1 reduction

* Vibration Isolation: Sounddown vibration isolation mounts for engine and transmissions.

* Isolation Drive System: Poseidon Drive Systems using remote mounted thrust bearing plates and CV joints to isolate the main engines/transmissions from the hull and propeller shafts.

* Propeller Shafts: Aquamet 21, 4" diameter shafts

* Propeller Protection: Power Train savers driveline couplers w/ replaceable  shear pins designed     to in the event  that a propeller were to contact another object such as a floating log etc.

* Propeller Shaft Locking Mechanism: Each propeller shaft can be locked in position for single screw operation or repair.

* Line Cutters: Spurs brand line cutters

* Stuffing Box: Johnson Duramax w/ GFO dripless packing   gland  material with Emergency Air Seal Bladder for maintenance or repair.

* Data Acquisition: Computer data acquisition for engine/trans, electrical systems, tanks, bilges, and many other systems

* 4-generators

 * Shore Power: 240/120 VAC, 2 X 50 Amps. Two 100 foot power cords on Glenndenning auto winding system.  

* Isolation Transformer: Charles C-Power auto boosting transformer  


  * Steering: Custom designed by AllSeas Yachts 

  * Bow/Stern Thrusters: KeyPower

  * Bow Anchor Winch:Pilkington (28) diameter drum with 700ââ?¬â?¢ of combined SS cable and galvanized chain.

  * Stern Anchor Winch: Pilkington (28) diameter drum

  * Stabilizers: KeyPower 24 sq ft

  * Deck Crane:10,000 lb. by Auto Crane

   * Hydraulic Pumps: Pressure compensating, flow compensating hydraulic pumps driven off of 55KW generators (each), not off the engines.

* Hot Water:Toyotomi on demand diesel fired boiler (16gpm)

* Forward Facing Pilot House Windows & Corners: 1� laminated clear tempered glass

* Pilot House Side Windows & Saloon Windows: 1/2� laminated grey, 1/4� air space, 1/4" clear tempered glass, dual pane.

* Master Stateroom Windows: 1� laminated grey tempered glass with 1/4" air space, 1/4'� clear tempered glass, dual pane.

* Electrically heated floors in all bathrooms

* HVAC SYSTEM : Chilled Water / Refrigeration: 15 tons of refrigeration, 3ea. 5 ton compressors w/ sealed keel cooled system.

Length Overall: 92�

Load Water Line Length: 80�6�
Beam: 24�8�
Draft: 7�
Displacement Full Load: 168 LT
Cruise Speed: 10.0 knots
Maximum Speed: 12.5 knots
Range: 5,000 nautical miles
Hull Material: ASTM A-36 Mild Steel (3/8� bottom, 5/16� hull sides, 1/4� bulwarks and salon
Pilot House & Fly bridge: Aluminum 5086-h116,
Keel: Steel I-Beam, 110lbs/foot
Water Tight Compartments: 4 ea.
Sonar Tube: 10� steel
Propeller Pods: Full height

LOA (ft):
Beam (ft):
Max. Draft (ft):
Model Year:
Model Name:
Hull Material:
Cruise Speed (mph):
10.00 knots
Max. Speed (mph):
12.00 knots
Tim Alls
Fuel Tank Capacity (gal):
7000 gallons
Water Tank Capacity (gal):
1000 gallons
Engine Horsepower (hp):
1200. hp
No. of Engines: